Toddler Program

Young Toddlers: Age 1-2

Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy provides themed related, age appropriate activities to help young toddlers learn about themselves and how they fit into the world around them. Experiencing new activities and successfully completing tasks are very important to them.

Because toddlers learn through play and a “hands on” approach to the exploration of materials, ample space with a variety of selections of learning materials are provided. Curiosity and learning are at its peak at this very young age.  We encourage open-ended activities and exploration to promote social and physical growth.

Through our weekly focus on Self Help Skills, toddlers participate in valuable experiences which will help them become more independent. They explore new tasks which refine eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor development and problem solving.

Older Toddlers: Age 2-3

Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy’s education provides daily, themed related activities designed to promote your child’s understanding of the world around him or her.  This is accomplished through the use of of early childhood principles as applied through the following learning center curriculum:

Art & Sensory

Exposes children to the world, through all five senses, while exploring their imagination and creativity with the opportunity to express their feelings through a variety of activities designed with toddler development in mind.

Home Life Lessons

Provides a beginning understanding of organization of thoughts which leads to critical thinking.


Exposes children to new vocabulary, mathematical relationships, problem solving, and experimenting while engaging your child in a creative activity.

Language & Library

Emphasizes early literacy through story time, finger plays, poetry and puppets.

Small Manipulatives & Math

Increases small muscle control with eye-hand coordination, while exploring the concept of math.

Playground, Music, & Movement

Involves whole body activities that combine rhythm, large muscle coordination, auditory discrimination and having fun – whether indoors or outdoors.