Infant Program

6 weeks – 12 Months

Each infant is given a crib that meets the new federal safety standards. The baby has a cubby to store extra clothing, baby food, diapers and wipes.

Caring and nurturing is our first priority to make sure the needs of your child are met. We interact with infants on a continual basis to ensure that all infants in our care receive sensory stimulation. We are led by the infants’ needs as we provide napping time, diapering time, feeding time, and playtime.

We constantly sanitize and disinfect the infant environment. Our facility is designed so that our feeding area is completely separated from the diapering area. Sanitation procedures are clearly defined for all Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy teachers.

We use a parent engagement app so that you can be informed about your child’s day. We list when and what was eaten, diaper changing information, and general infant observational notes. We help you and your child make the natural transition into the next group, which is the Toddler class. Our program assesses the infant at each stage and notes the accomplishments of major milestones of infant development that are observed while in our Infant Care.

Typical Day for Infants


  • Greeting of infant
  • Communication with Parents
  • Receiving Infant Belongings
  • Infants have On-Carpet Time
  • Breakfast (According to Infant’s Needs)
  • Individual On-Carpet Time for Fine Motor Development
  • Outside Time Provided for Those Awake for 15-20 Minutes
  • Sensory Activities
  • Morning Snacks (according to infant’s needs)
  • Gross Motor Movement


  • Lunch (according to infant’s needs)
  • Napping Provided
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Afternoon Snack (according to infant’s needs)
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Language Development
  • Music Activities
  • Greeting Parents at Pick-Up