Every interaction is an opportunity to learn

Children thrive and develop in different ways so it is our goal to cultivate a stimulating environment that expands their innate abilities through various learning areas. Our educators encourage children with a “learning is fun” philosophy through play and positive reinforcement and build upon the skills they acquire at various ages and stages of their development. Each classroom is designed with learning centers to offer children the ability to engage in teacher-led activities, child-led interests and individual play.

Why we chose The Creative Curriculum

Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy offers an outstanding curriculum. We are proud to be incorporating the popular research based The Creative Curriculum throughout our center.

The Creative Curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania early learning standards. What this means is that in every classroom, the children are learning what their age group is expected to know at their age and a whole lot more, as we have very high expectations for our students and educators.

You will see the weekly lesson plan posted in each classroom, starting with the todder’s room

The Creative Curriculum Framework

A comprehensive framework that supports a lifetime benefits for families and children.

Foundational approach to how children learn and develop.

Educators apply intentional teaching practices by planning developmentally appropriate activities.

Supporting and extending children’s learning.

Providing materials that reflect children’s interests and home culture.

Actively engaging children through direct experiences in pursuit of shared learning goals