About Us

Our Story

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Our Philosophy

Our program’s philosophy is built upon the nature of learning and teaching.  Our program supports the whole child concept by fostering all areas of development as well as each child’s cultural needs, respects each child as an individual and stimulates a child’s natural interest in and enjoyment of learning. We believe all young children have the ability to learn, are unique in their learning, and deserve access to high-quality learning experiences to help them reach their full potential. Quality is a key factor in how much children benefit from early childhood programs.  The developmentally appropriate principles which are incorporated into our program along with the use of a research, play-based curriculum leads to positive educational outcomes for children. This philosophy of teaching has long-lasting benefits for children.

We believe intentional teachers should give meaningful learning experiences daily to children to help them become enthusiastic about learning with the hope of children becoming lifelong learners by ensuring that they are engaged in activities.  We believe highly-qualified educators want all children to learn and they will use all strategies and techniques necessary, while meeting children where they are, to ensure all young children’s learning goals are met.

We believe in the value of diversity and the fair treatment of all people.  It is our goal to provide the kind of inclusive environment and the kind of influences that encourage all children, regardless of ability, to have a sense of belonging, become creative, independent, responsible, well rounded, self-directed adults who make decisions for themselves.  Our desire is for excellence in meeting the needs of children with or without special needs and their families for nurturing, growth and development, positive relationships, and supports to assist all children reach their full potential.  Our core values of inclusivity and diversity are deeply rooted in the history of Early Childhood Education.