The Fun of Learning, Growth and Development for young children ages 3-5 years old.

The 3-5 year olds are transferring from a young child into an independent and active learner.  During a child's preschool years, vocabulary, coordination, intellectual thinking and social skills are being developed.

Our nurturing, experienced teachers are trained to provide the appropriate environment for child growth and development in accordance with early childhood education principles.

They create activities which help to build the confidence preschool children need to make decisions, develop talents and build self-esteem.

At Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy, we record events through a variety of communication tools. Our Daily Communicator Program details the accomplishments your child has achieved in daily opportunities.

Typical Preschooler Day


  • Morning and afternoon learning center choices such as computers, library and much, much more.
  • Journal Writing Time
  • Circle Time to talk about the day’s activities
  • Physical Fitness and Snacks
  • Literature Reading Experiences
  • Movement activities
  • Social manners and self-help skills activities