center closing and delay

Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy strives to meet the needs of families who must work regardless of the weather. While we recognize it is the responsibility of the family to determine if they feel safe transporting their children to us during inclement weather, we must concern ourselves with our responsibility for the safety of all families and staff. For this reason, we might open late on icy mornings, close early during heavy snows, or close all day if necessary. When necessary, we will open on a two-hour delay to allow time for the roads to be treated. This means there might be mornings when we do not open until 9:00 am.

There are several ways to find out about Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy. We use automated communication systems (KidReports and Procare) for snow closing, delays, and other family communication. This system will send a text and/or email to all Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy families whom we have updated contacted information. Therefore, it is important that contact information is up-to-date at all times in your child’s file. In addition, we will post information about closings or delays on the homepage of our website ( and the center’s Facebook page (

PLEASE NOTE: Information can also be found online when the center decides to close or delay the opening at and

Also, CBS3 will scroll announcements and list the centers name on Eyewitness News. Due to character restrictions, the text Grays Ferry Early Learning will be displayed.

When the school district closes and Grays Ferry Early Learning Academy does not, our After School program will be open. If the school district closes early, our After School program will be open for care if the district gives us ample notice to bring in After School staff. Please let us know when to expect your child, so we can make sure we have proper teacher coverage.